Discover A Brand New Product That Is Revolutionizing The Marijuana Industry

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

The marijuana industry is growing so fast it will soon outpace the growth of smartphones. By 2020, it could generate more revenue than the NFL. To facilitate the growing demands of this booming industry, Sage Analytics has developed a revolutionary new product that will simplify the way the marijuana industry is operating today.

 What is this product and why is it revolutionary?

The Luminary™ Profiler— A desktop device that provides instant, accurate, and on-site potency testing in cannabis products.Currently, the marijuana industry has no convenient, simple, cost-efficient way for growers, dispensary owners, and labs to test the potencies of their products at their own facilities. The present method for potency measurement requires shipping samples off to the lab for a highly skilled technician to test. This is very time consuming and the product samples must be destroyed in the process. Consumers are also frustrated with the way potencies are currently being tested. With no standardization of the product, they cannot be confident they know exactly what potencies they are going to get.

The Luminary™ Profiler makes potency testing simple by providing affordable, on-site product profiling in real time. The device uses spectroscopy – the science of light — to instantly measure the potency of cannabis products on the molecular level. It standardizes the product to make consumers as well as those in the distribution chain happy, and it keeps samples from getting destroyed. Every business now has the opportunity to dramatically improve the quality control of their operations with a highly precise, affordable potency measurement device that can be used on-site. Minimize the wait and waste of off-site potency testing.

How does it work?

 The Luminary™ Profiler is simple to use! Anyone, with minimal training, can operate it. Simply set up the system, follow the easy iPad instructions, do a couple of calibrations, and start measuring your samples. By offering a reliable and consistant product, your company will be a name that people can trust.

How Can You Get Your Hands On One?

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