Five Reasons We Cannot Take Measurement for Granted in the Cannabis Industry

measurementMeasurement—it’s one of those things that you take for granted until you don’t have it. Imagine waking up one day and not having a clock at your disposal to help you keep track of time.

What if you tried to bake a cake without any measuring cups or spoons handy? A little sprinkle of this and a dab of that might work for Rachel Ray, but for the rest of us, following direction with accurate measurements is the difference between a cake that rises and one that falls flat.

And how about shopping for clothes? Chances are your shopping spree would take a lot longer if your selection process was more trial and error vs. finding your size and trying it on.

Next time you walk through your front door, give thanks to the architect and the builder who took the time to measure the door frame to ensure you could enter your home without ducking.

Going through the day without knowing what time it is …baking by guestimate …trying on clothes without knowing their size…building a house without taking accurate measurement…All these situations sound ludicrous don’t they?

And yet, medical marijuana users are often asked to purchase their cannabis from dispensaries without knowing where the potency has been measured and how reliable that source is. That leaves them at a big disadvantage as results in a recent test of ten cannabis labs in two different states led researchers to conclude that not all cannabis testing labs are performing at a level consumers can trust.

Enter the Sage Analytics Luminary Profiler to the rescue. Now dispensary owners can provide their customers with instant potency analysis on any cannabis strain, giving consumers the assurance they deserve.

It’s fast, accurate and affordable. Measure that and you’ll come up with great value for everyone concerned.