Five Of The Most Creative Uses Of Light

light paintingSage Analytics’ Luminary Profiler is a light-based technology that uses spectroscopy to measure the potency of cannabis products in real time. We’ve seen the power of light firsthand, and the ways it can revolutionize an industry. Here are five other creative uses of light that we would like to share!

1. Indoor Farming:  Local Roots Farms, a start-up based in Washington D.C., is using energy-efficient LED lights to grow produce indoors and without soil. After growing up in a desert, where healthy produce was hard to come by, co-founder Dan Kuenzi came up with a way to grow produce indoors, year-round. Thanks to his light-based solution, fresh, healthy food will be more readily available to Americans nationwide, soon.

light festivals2. Light Painting:  Light painting is a photographic technique performed in a dark space, where photographers use a hand-held light source (such as a flashlight or cell phone) to draw illustrations in the sky. They capture the images by taking a long-exposure photograph while they are “painting” with light!

to evoke emotion3. To Evoke Emotion:  Ever wonder why a theatre production has an entire backstage crew working exclusively with lighting design? It’s because light is one of the best ways to evoke emotion from a crowd. Turn the lights on, you get people excited. Dim the lights and you’ve suddenly set an eerie mood.

local roots photo4. Light Festivals:  
There’s no doubt about it, light is eye-catching! Countries around the world have come up with creative ways to make their cities shine. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, for example, thousands of people gather together in November and release paper lanterns into the sky as a way to ward off bad luck. And in Berlin, every October, artists light up seventy different historic landmarks for two full weeks as part of their annual Festival of Lights.

10712843_294691590729155_2466360959729899353_n5. To Accurately Measure Potency of Marijuana Products:  Sage Analytics’ LuminaryTM Profiler analyzes near infrared (NIR) light to report on information about the molecules in cannabis, providing a precise potency profile of each sample it tests. This breakthrough light-based technology benefits virtually everyone in the cannabis industry, and provides instant, accurate and on-site potency testing of THC, CDB, and CBN.

Have another example where light has been used in a creative way? Share it with us below!