Discover The Luminary Profiler – Great For Everyone in the Cannabis Eco-Sphere

SAGE-final-logoWhat is the one thing that marijuana growers, laboratories, MIP producers, dispensary operators, and government officials all have in common? A shared frustration with the current process of cannabis testing.

Sage Analytics is eager to unite them on a different front by providing them with a solution to this problem. Our highly accurate potency measurement system, the Luminary™ Profiler, improves the accessibility, quality and reliability of marijuana testing and benefits virtually everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere.

Discover the unique benefits for each group below!

Growers:  With the Luminary™ Profiler, growers can better optimize their harvest with zero wait time for potency testing!

Laboratories:  The Luminary™ Profiler features a simple operating system and user interface that anyone can use. Increase your output without the need of highly trained personnel. And with a quick turnaround time, you can handle more product volume, move skilled personnel to GC/LC equipment for contaminent testing, reduce overhead and gain an edge over your competition.

MIP producers:  Stand out among your competition by supplying your customers with a consistent product. The Luminary™ Profiler, provides accurate potency, ingredient, and serving size information to your customers.

Dispensary operators:  Enhance your customers’ confidence by providing them with instant analysis on any marijuana strain they are considering. And help more effectively treat their medical needs or curate their desired experience by being able to suggest products with specific cannabinoid levels. By eliminating per-test costs and headaches through your own on-site testing, your facility will become the most trusted around! Government regulators: Test cannabis anywhere, anytime, with a system that is as accurate and reliable as traditional GC and HPLC techniques, but with results in a fraction of the time and cost.

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