Three Ways the Green Standard Working Group is Moving the Industry Forward

sage analytics marijuana potency testingReliable, consistent marijuana testing has been one of the weak links in the marijuana industry’s efforts to improve public safety and consumer confidence. That was the impetus behind the creation of the Green Standard Working Group.

Composed of cannabis industry leaders (including Sage Analytics Founder, Randall Kruep), the Green Standard Working Group is addressing issues with consistent and reliable marijuana testing. Here are three ways.

1. Pushing for the adoption of a “Green Standard” of data for marijuana testing.  Currently, each marijuana testing facility relies on its own reference data in creating measurement profiles. The problem is, there is no guarantee that the same product, tested at a different facility, would produce the same results. The goal is to ensure consistency in potency measurements no matter where the reading is taken or what testing device is used.

2. Working with “the best and the brightest.”  By bringing together top researchers, scientists and executives in the cannabis industry, the goal of the Green Standard Working Group is to not only establish needed guidelines, but also further demonstrate to government leaders and the public-at-large that the industry is committed to acting responsibly.

3. Support for cannabis researchers and testing facilities.  The Green Standard Working Group aims to enhance and protect the interests of the testing facilities and those players of the cannabis industry who rely upon them, to ensure reliability, growth and security. Why? Because members believe it is one of the most vital links to industry expansion and one that affects everyone in the marijuana eco-sphere from growers and MIP producers, to dispensary operators, regulators, as well as consumers.

Interested in learning more about the Green Standard Working Group? Check it out.