Merriam-Webster Dictionary Now Includes “Marijuana Slang”

Marijuana wedding bouquetThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary now has some interesting cannabis-related words!

Take the word Budtender, meaning a shop clerk who provides bartender-like guidance about different strains of pot as well as providing the pot itself, looks like it’s on such a trajectory. The word is from bud (in its slang use meaning “marijuana”) and the -tender part of the word bartender. The verb budtend (to work as a “budtender”) is also in use.

Budtender was a candidate for the American Dialect Society’s 2014 Word of the Year in the category of “most useful,” but it is not a new word. Webster says their earliest evidence in a preliminary search is from a January 1997 article in the San Jose Mercury News, shortly after marijuana became legally available in California.

A much more recent example is from a New York Times article about budtenders helping pot-loving couples headed to the altar. They wanted to find the perfect marijuana to include in centerpieces, bouquets, and even dinner salads. So for at least a few newlyweds, budgeting for a budtender’s product was as much a part of the wedding planning as getting a cake and flowers.