Sage Analytics New Cannabis Potency Testing Devices Now on the Market!

sage analytics marijuana potency testingHere is some great news! As most of our followers know, we have worked with our sister company, Prozess Technologie – a leader in the design and development of testing systems for the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry – to create a unique, portable, accurate, and affordable potency measurement device for the cannabis industry.

We are proud to announce that the Luminary Profiler (a robust unit designed for labs), and the Luminary Beacon (a tablet-sized, highly portable unit for retail environments), are now on the market.

These units can significantly change the way marijuana is tested and verified, by bringing accuracy and portability to the industry.

With these devices, anyone (no lab training necessary), can test anywhere, anytime – with results in just seconds (not days).

To make these systems even sweeter, we are now offering financing, so owning these powerful and productive (revenue generating) units is easier than ever.

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