Know Your Smoke – Test Before You Ingest

KnowYourSmokeLogoMarijuana is amazing! It can be smoked, ingested in many forms, and turned into concentrates and other products.

In the early days, no one knew the potency of the leaves they were smoking, and it hardly mattered because the THC levels were quite low.

Fast-forward to today, and people are smoking marijuana and ingesting cannabis-infused edibles that are much more potent than in decades past – making accurate testing and labeling of products all the more important. This is especially vital for medical marijuana patients, where obtaining specific strains with known concentrations of THC and CBD is key to their treatment protocol.

Unfortunately, current testing requirements, which vary from state-to-state, do not always provide the consumer with an accurate picture of the potency of the cannabis they are purchasing. This is due to inherent potency variations, which can not only vary widely from plant-to-plant, but can also differ from bud-to-bud.

Current testing methods only collect data from a very small percentage of the crop, and they don’t ever test the exact same product that a consumer will purchase (testing destroys the sample), leaving the public to wonder if the potency of their cannabis or marijuana is anything close to being accurate.

Now there is a better solution.

Sage Analytics introduced the Luminary Beacon, a portable, highly accurate marijuana testing device that can be used in a dispensary, manufacturer, lab or grow house, and provides immediate potency measurements on the same bud or concentrate that is for sale.

Now consumers can quickly test the actual product they want to purchase at any dispensary or collective that has a Luminary Beacon. Results take just seconds, and are highly accurate. In fact, many pharmaceutical companies use this same technology to test and verify the potency of thousands of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines every day.

While only a few dispensaries may have this technology today, we expect the number to grow as consumers start spreading the word that accurate, immediate cannabis potency testing is available.

We think it is not just smart to know what you are smoking or ingesting, it’s your right.

If you want to get involved, use the hashtags #KnowYourSmoke or #TestBeforeYouIngest and take control over the cannabis in your life.


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