Four Reasons Why We Need Quality & Administrative Control In The Cannabis Industry

quality control imageIn order for the cannabis industry to join the ranks of the 21stCentury consumer marketplace, quality control that establishes consistency and accuracy in analyzing cannabis is key. Here are four reasons why.

1. For the safety and satisfaction of the consumer: Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly how potent their cannabis is when they purchase it. Getting the dosage and ratios of THC to CBD just right is important for medical marijuana patients in particular who are looking to relieve symptoms without suffering potential negative side effects of paranoia and anxiety. When it comes to a good product, customer satisfaction is key and quality control through a product like Sage Analytic’s new LuminaryTM Profiler is one of the ways to achieve that.

2. So physicians can feel more confident prescribing it for medical reasons:  For liability purposes, doctors need to feel absolutely confident when prescribing medication to their patients. By accurately and consistently profiling all cannabis products, doctors will feel better about putting cannabis dosages down on their prescription pads, in states where medical cannabis is legal. And in states where it’s not—more people might vote to legalize it if they felt it was monitored through a quality control process and therefore closer to a pharmaceutical grade product.

3. So insurances companies can see documented healing effects:  Many folks in the medical field believe the medicinal purposes of marijuana are only beginning to be discovered. An Israeli organic chemist and professor of medicinal chemistry, Raphael Mechaulam, believes that cannabis has such healing powers it could replace forty to fifty percent of pharmaceuticals. By subjecting weed to a quality control process that involves accurate and precise measurement, insurance companies will be able to better see documentation of these healing effects and will then cover the cost of the medicine, making it more affordable to patients.

4. So the field continues to grow, prosper, and improve people’s lives:  The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and we want to facilitate that growth for regulators, growers, product sellers and medical and recreational customers. Patients deserve access to a drug that has shown to help with epilepsy, nausea, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and many more conditions. And those who want to enjoy it recreationally should have the right. Establishing quality control of the product with the Sage Analytics’ LuminaryTM Profiler is one more step towards continued growth and improvement of the marijuana industry.

And do not forget to #KnowYourSmoke always!