Three Ways The Luminary Profiler Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition

10712843_294691590729155_2466360959729899353_nThe LuminaryTM Profiler is a breakthrough product in the legal cannabis industry, providing instant, accurate, and onsite potency testing of THC, CDB, and CBN. With a simple operating system, this desktop device can be used by anyone, anywhere, and it uniquely benefits each stage of the marijuana supply chain. Here are three ways that owning Sage Analytics’ revolutionary product will keep you ahead of your competition:

1. You will be the company – that customers trust: Whether you are a grower, lab technician, edible manufacturer, or dispensary owner, having your very own Luminary Profiler will make your brand one that consumers can trust. By having a quick and efficient way to test your cannabis products onsite, you will be able to reassure your customers that the measurements of each product you sell are accurate and consistent. Just think, if given a choice between two products—one that has been tested by the Luminary Profiler, and the other that has not—which would you prefer? Customers want peace of mind. With the Luminary Profiler, you can give them that!

2. Your profit margins will increase: The current method of testing the potency of cannabis products requires sending samples off to a lab. This process is time consuming, expensive, and inefficient to your business operations—destroying the samples you send. Increase your profit margins with the Luminary Profiler by being able to complete these tests yourself and improve your company’s quality control before customers and regulators have the product. No guessing. No waiting for results.

3. You will find it easy to comply with changing potency and packaging regulations: Industry regulations and requirements for marijuana packaging and exact potency measurements are continually evolving. In Colorado, for example, cannabis products must now be separated into servings with 10 milligrams or fewer of THC. With the LuminaryProfiler, it’s easy and economical to get ahead of these regulations with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

And remember to always #KnowYourSmoke… very important!