California Doesn’t Require Cannabis Testing, but You Should (and now you can, for free)!

Happy Halloween From Sage Analytics

Although California doesn’t currently require cannabis potency testing, many growers and dispensaries have their marijuana tested because of customer demand. Most cannabis users – particularly medical marijuana patients – want to have better insight into the potency of the items they are smoking or ingesting, so they can have more control over the effects and outcomes.

However, only a small percentage of each crop is typically tested, and potency can vary widely from plant-to-plant and even bud-to-bud, so consumers never know the real potency of the product they want to purchase.

Fortunately, a growing number of dispensaries and collectives have a Luminary™ Beacon – a powerful cannabis testing device that provides instant, highly accurate potency measurements right at the point of purchase.

Now instead of guessing or hoping, medical marijuana patients and consumers can know the exact potency of the specific products they want to purchase.

Discover the many benefits of knowing your potency, by visiting our Free Testing Day at the 1841 El Camino Ave Dispensary in Sacramento, for one day only, on Friday, October 30, from 1-6pm.

This one-day special event will also feature the Bacon Mania Food Truck (with mind-blowingly insane munchies), plus there will be a DJ, door prizes and a special drawing for a gift certificate at 4:20 pm.

Customers that come in costumes will receive additional free treats.

Don’t end up with cannabis that doesn’t meet your needs.  Get your product tested for free at the 1841 El Camino Ave Dispensary.

The 1841 El Camino Ave Dispensary is located at: 1841 El Camino Ave. Sacramento, CA 95815.


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