The Top Takeaway from the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

Marijuana Business Conference

In an excellent article by By John Schroyer and Omar Sacirbey of the Marijuana Business Daily, the writers point out their 10 top takeaways from the recent 2015 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.

We especially agree with their first point: Standards are Key.

They wrote: “During his keynote address to the conference, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader told cannabis executives that ‘proper regulation is the best aspirin you could ever have, other than marijuana.

The longtime consumer advocate said solid governmental oversight has proven good not just for customer protections, but also for businesses. It helps stave off corruption, which in turn helps businesses thrive ethically in the long term.

For example, he pointed to the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal, saying it provides a perfect example of the need for completely independent laboratory testing in the cannabis space. Otherwise, it’s simply too tempting for corporations to cut corners.

‘Watch out for control of these labs by your industry. That’s when the problems are going to start,’ Nader warned.”

At Sage Analytics, we agree that standards are vital, not only to protect consumers, but to assure the vitality of our industry.

Our cannabis potency measurement devices use FDA-approved technology from the pharmaceutical industry to allow growers, dispensaries, producers, patients and consumers to test the actual cannabis they want to sell, smoke or consume. This system, which has been demonstrated to work in a dispensary environment at the point-of-sale, empowers all in the cannabis eco-sphere, by providing accurate potency readings in a matter of seconds.

Regulations and standardization will come to California and will be improved in the rest of the cannabis states. Right now, Sage Analytics offers companies a competitive advantage by providing them with a portable tool that can show accurate, laboratory-quality potency readings in a instant.