Top Five New Business Opportunities in The Marijuana Industry

Opportunity in Cannabis IndustryIn a recent article in Forbes, writer Julie Weed interviewed cannabis farmer Anthony Franciosi, and asked what he believes will be the best ventures in legal cannabis.


Here are his predictions on the businesses that will fare well as the cannabis industry continues to grow:

  1. Breeding:

High quality genetics are hard to come by (legally) for cultivators. Companies in the position to create unique strains for the legal side of this industry could have a strong influence in the market.

  1. Testing

Each cultivator and product manufacturer has to do comprehensive testing for residual contaminants and currently, results can vary. Reliable, high quality test results are in high demand and folks in the industry are seeking out labs who can meet their needs.


  1. Packaging

Companies are turning to packaging to help stand out as more and more competition enters the market. The regulations for cannabis packaging are strict and there are few available options. Distinct packaging that meets all legal requirements is in high demand.

  1. Legal services

Cannabis industry lawyers have many hoops and hurdles to jump through and over. Having the right legal team behind you can help tremendously in the cannabis industry. Cannabis-friendly lawyers are being sought out for everything from license acquisition to deal structuring for the opening of new opportunities.

  1. Extraction chemistry

With the concentrate side of the cannabis industry booming, marijuana professionals are seeking out people and equipment with lab science backgrounds to aid in the production of concentrates.


At Sage Analytics, we agree with Anthony’s predictions. Our new cannabis potency testing devices have completely revolutionized the industry by giving access to pharmaceutical quality measurements to everyone in the marijuana eco-sphere, including growers, manufacturers and extract producers, dispensary owners, and even regulators.

With regard to “breeding,” we submit that the only way to create a consistent brand is through continual testing. Just as other brands that are “grown” such as tobacco and liquor, the leaders all deliver a consistent product – and they accomplish this through testing the materials throughout the manufacturing process.

Our innovative testing devices are portable – so testing can be conducted anywhere – and deliver instant results (instead of sending a sample off to a lab and waiting days for the findings). Moreover, testing costs are reduced to just pennies a test.

We applaud Anthony for his insight and thank Julie for her continual professional coverage of our industry.