Each Plant has a Unique Signature


In a recent article in the Oregonion, reporter by Teresa Mahoney wrote about her experience having her cannabis tested at a state approved lab.

What she learned, in her words, is that, “There’s actually no such thing as a strain… people are defining it wrong.

“My assumption prior to really getting into the science of cannabis was that each plant has a signature,” she was told. “The truth is, a strain grown in this backyard from this date could be radically different from the same strain grown on a farm a few miles down the road.

“My understanding is that it’s somewhat similar to but not exactly the same as wine production: 2012 was a better year for X grape than 2014. Same grape, different results. All due to the growing environment.

“Consistency is key in making a meaningful impact in the medical cannabis industry, and false terminology slows progress… testing is the only way to really know what’s in cannabis.”


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