How many times have your purchased a product based on the NAME!  It must be great if it has a name like “Space Ball” or “Tingle Snap” or any number of other crazy names for cannabis.  But do you know what you are really smoking?

We demand proper labeling on processed foods, labels on clothing, specification and technical details on a car – so how about cannabis. We need to make sure that all dispensaries around the Nation are testing and profiling their product, and in the end properly labeling each package sold.  We want to know what the percentage of THC, CBD, etc. are in each package sold.  Not just a single sample out of huge bag… that type of sampling and testing does no one.. any good at all.

Help us guide all of our friends in the cannabis industry… use the #KnowYourSmoke hashtag on all of your correspondence and let’s see what is inside our little bags!  Be good and happy trails!