Sage Analytics Releases Predictions for Cannabis Industry

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Significant breakthroughs expected in 2016 in the rapidly growing legal marijuana sector


Sage Analytics released a forecast on major developments that company management believes will likely occur in 2016 within the legal cannabis industry. These predictions include significant changes in many areas of the industry.

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Top Five New Business Opportunities in The Marijuana Industry

Opportunity in Cannabis IndustryIn a recent article in Forbes, writer Julie Weed interviewed cannabis farmer Anthony Franciosi, and asked what he believes will be the best ventures in legal cannabis.


Here are his predictions on the businesses that will fare well as the cannabis industry continues to grow:

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Will Marijuana Businesses Adopt Mainstream or New Age Management Styles?

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

As the marijuana industry grows, will it adopt the familiar hierarchy of managers and employees, as found in most companies? Or, as a new industry with its roots in counter-culture, will the business leaders find new ways to govern their companies, and create a pleasant, yet productive workplace.

One of the companies leading the transition to non-linear management styles is Zappos. While not in the cannabis industry, Zappos, the Amazon-owned online retailer, confirmed that 210 of its 1,503 employees Continue reading

Marijuana Industry Regulation… More or Less

regulationchain-300x300Several recent compelling arguments have been made about the regulation of the cannabis industry. Reports in USAToday, The Denver Post, and The Oregonian, state that current methods for testing cannabis potency is yielding inconsistent results, which could potentially result in consumers not knowing the strength of what they are smoking or ingesting. The conclusion one may draw from these reports is that the industry needs more regulations to address these issues. Continue reading