Colorado Changing Rules on Marijuana Testing

green standard working groupAs written about in The Gazette, the state of Colorado is working to tweak marijuana testing protocols. This is a necessary step toward providing better standardization and consistency to the industry.

We recommend that everyone interested in having their voice heard on this matter, should consider joining The Green Standard Working Group (, and industry association made up of scientists, cannabis researchers, lab owners, and other prominent individuals in the legal marijuana Continue reading

Three Ways the Green Standard Working Group is Moving the Industry Forward

sage analytics marijuana potency testingReliable, consistent marijuana testing has been one of the weak links in the marijuana industry’s efforts to improve public safety and consumer confidence. That was the impetus behind the creation of the Green Standard Working Group.

Composed of cannabis industry leaders (including Sage Analytics Founder, Randall Kruep), the Green Standard Working Group is addressing issues with consistent and reliable marijuana testing. Here are three ways. Continue reading

Why Every Cannabis Product Should Be Tested in Real-Time

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

Certain problems exist in the legal marijuana industry that are holding back its full market acceptance rates at the public, political and commercial fronts. While the marijuana industry is growing rapidly, it’s full potential for adoption at the state and federal levels cannot be realized until the problems associated with testing, labeling and the resulting consumer satisfaction and safety issues are ameliorated. Continue reading