Three Ways The Luminary Profiler Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition

10712843_294691590729155_2466360959729899353_nThe LuminaryTM Profiler is a breakthrough product in the legal cannabis industry, providing instant, accurate, and onsite potency testing of THC, CDB, and CBN. With a simple operating system, this desktop device can be used by anyone, anywhere, and it uniquely benefits each stage of the marijuana supply chain. Here are three ways that owning Sage Analytics’ revolutionary product will keep you ahead of your competition: Continue reading

Four Reasons Why We Need Quality & Administrative Control In The Cannabis Industry

quality control imageIn order for the cannabis industry to join the ranks of the 21stCentury consumer marketplace, quality control that establishes consistency and accuracy in analyzing cannabis is key. Here are four reasons why.

1. For the safety and satisfaction of the consumer: Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly how potent their cannabis is when they purchase it. Getting the dosage and ratios of THC to CBD just right is important for medical marijuana patients in particular who are Continue reading

Know Your Smoke – Test Before You Ingest

KnowYourSmokeLogoMarijuana is amazing! It can be smoked, ingested in many forms, and turned into concentrates and other products.

In the early days, no one knew the potency of the leaves they were smoking, and it hardly mattered because the THC levels were quite low.

Fast-forward to today, and people are smoking marijuana and ingesting cannabis-infused edibles that are much more potent than in decades past – making accurate testing and labeling of products all the more important. This is especially vital for medical marijuana patients, where obtaining specific strains with known concentrations of THC and CBD is key to their treatment protocol. Continue reading

#KnowYourSmoke Campaign begins in Earnest…

dtyetyrThe time has come that the cannabis community must rise up and call on all dispensaries and producers to test their cannabis, to profile their product… and to have printed labels on every item sold.  We are starting the #KnowYourSmoke campaign to bring awareness to the masses.  To tweet out your requests for testing, to create a lasting dialog that allows people to talk about the great social and business side effects of knowing your smoke.

Sage will be providing regular updates on a special page here that will provide you… the resources and contacts to change the laws and nudge the dispensaries and manufacturers… to test and label. Stay tuned for new information right here!