Four Reasons Why We Need Quality & Administrative Control In The Cannabis Industry

quality control imageIn order for the cannabis industry to join the ranks of the 21stCentury consumer marketplace, quality control that establishes consistency and accuracy in analyzing cannabis is key. Here are four reasons why.

1. For the safety and satisfaction of the consumer: Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly how potent their cannabis is when they purchase it. Getting the dosage and ratios of THC to CBD just right is important for medical marijuana patients in particular who are Continue reading

Why Better Marijuana Testing Leads to Better Business

luminary profilerAt Sage Analytics, we are revolutionizing cannabis potency profiling. It is our belief that every legal market should have access to affordable, accurate, real-time potency measurement. The legal cannabis industry has lacked an accurate and affordable way to measure THC, CBD and CBN…until now. With the Luminary™ Profiler, accurate, affordable (and overall better) marijuana testing is now available. And with better marijuana testing, comes better business. Here are four reasons why. Continue reading

Research Suggests That Marijuana May Be Safer Than Other Recreational Drugs

sage photo for blogMarijuana, it seems, is safer than previously thought! In a recent research study published in the Journal of Scientific Reports, researchers found cannabis to be the least risky recreational drug. Ironically, it was found that alcohol, a legal substance, posed the greatest risk. “Weed is roughly 114 times less deadly than booze,” stated the researchers, who made this calculation by taking the lethal doses of each drug and comparing them to the amount of that drug that is typically used. Continue reading

Discover The Luminary Profiler – Great For Everyone in the Cannabis Eco-Sphere

SAGE-final-logoWhat is the one thing that marijuana growers, laboratories, MIP producers, dispensary operators, and government officials all have in common? A shared frustration with the current process of cannabis testing.

Sage Analytics is eager to unite them on a different front by providing them with a solution to this problem. Our highly accurate potency measurement system, the Luminary™ Profiler, improves the accessibility, quality and reliability of marijuana testing and benefits virtually everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere. Continue reading

Five Of The Most Creative Uses Of Light

light paintingSage Analytics’ Luminary Profiler is a light-based technology that uses spectroscopy to measure the potency of cannabis products in real time. We’ve seen the power of light firsthand, and the ways it can revolutionize an industry. Here are five other creative uses of light that we would like to share!

1. Indoor Farming:  Local Roots Farms, a start-up based in Washington D.C., is using Continue reading

Why Every Cannabis Product Should Be Tested in Real-Time

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

Certain problems exist in the legal marijuana industry that are holding back its full market acceptance rates at the public, political and commercial fronts. While the marijuana industry is growing rapidly, it’s full potential for adoption at the state and federal levels cannot be realized until the problems associated with testing, labeling and the resulting consumer satisfaction and safety issues are ameliorated. Continue reading

Five Reasons We Cannot Take Measurement for Granted in the Cannabis Industry

measurementMeasurement—it’s one of those things that you take for granted until you don’t have it. Imagine waking up one day and not having a clock at your disposal to help you keep track of time.

What if you tried to bake a cake without any measuring cups or spoons handy? A little sprinkle of this and a dab of that might work for Rachel Ray, but for the rest of us, following direction with accurate measurements is the difference between a cake that rises and one that falls flat. Continue reading