Three Ways The Luminary Profiler Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition

10712843_294691590729155_2466360959729899353_nThe LuminaryTM Profiler is a breakthrough product in the legal cannabis industry, providing instant, accurate, and onsite potency testing of THC, CDB, and CBN. With a simple operating system, this desktop device can be used by anyone, anywhere, and it uniquely benefits each stage of the marijuana supply chain. Here are three ways that owning Sage Analytics’ revolutionary product will keep you ahead of your competition: Continue reading

Why Better Marijuana Testing Leads to Better Business

luminary profilerAt Sage Analytics, we are revolutionizing cannabis potency profiling. It is our belief that every legal market should have access to affordable, accurate, real-time potency measurement. The legal cannabis industry has lacked an accurate and affordable way to measure THC, CBD and CBN…until now. With the Luminary™ Profiler, accurate, affordable (and overall better) marijuana testing is now available. And with better marijuana testing, comes better business. Here are four reasons why. Continue reading

Five Reasons We Cannot Take Measurement for Granted in the Cannabis Industry

measurementMeasurement—it’s one of those things that you take for granted until you don’t have it. Imagine waking up one day and not having a clock at your disposal to help you keep track of time.

What if you tried to bake a cake without any measuring cups or spoons handy? A little sprinkle of this and a dab of that might work for Rachel Ray, but for the rest of us, following direction with accurate measurements is the difference between a cake that rises and one that falls flat. Continue reading

Discover A Brand New Product That Is Revolutionizing The Marijuana Industry

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

The marijuana industry is growing so fast it will soon outpace the growth of smartphones. By 2020, it could generate more revenue than the NFL. To facilitate the growing demands of this booming industry, Sage Analytics has developed a revolutionary new product that will simplify the way the marijuana industry is operating today. Continue reading