Breeding vs. Crossing Cannabis Plants

yesMost often grower’s do not breed, they cross plants without stabilizing any particular plant, or developing true breeding strains. Once they find a plant they like, they take clones of it and grow it out under lights. Often this is process is confused with breeding. It is much more difficult to select plants, stabilize them into true breeding plants and produce hybrids. Sometimes, when 10 purchased seeds are planted, the result is 10 plants that all look different.

Favorable characteristics most breeders look for include general vigor, potency, resin content, flower to leaf ratio, large floral clusters, quality of high – long lasting, soaring, sedative – therapeutic effects, taste and aroma, short stature, early maturation, and mold and mite resistance. Continue reading

Each Plant has a Unique Signature


In a recent article in the Oregonion, reporter by Teresa Mahoney wrote about her experience having her cannabis tested at a state approved lab.

What she learned, in her words, is that, “There’s actually no such thing as a strain… people are defining it wrong.

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