Brain Science & the Endocannabinoid System

Professor Greg Gerdeman on brain science, the neurobiology of stress, and how the discovery of the endocannabinoid system has liberated cannabis from the drug abuse paradigm. Here is a wonderful interview with Professor Gerdeman with Project CBD:

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Four Reasons Why We Need Quality & Administrative Control In The Cannabis Industry

quality control imageIn order for the cannabis industry to join the ranks of the 21stCentury consumer marketplace, quality control that establishes consistency and accuracy in analyzing cannabis is key. Here are four reasons why.

1. For the safety and satisfaction of the consumer: Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly how potent their cannabis is when they purchase it. Getting the dosage and ratios of THC to CBD just right is important for medical marijuana patients in particular who are Continue reading

Colorado Changing Rules on Marijuana Testing

green standard working groupAs written about in The Gazette, the state of Colorado is working to tweak marijuana testing protocols. This is a necessary step toward providing better standardization and consistency to the industry.

We recommend that everyone interested in having their voice heard on this matter, should consider joining The Green Standard Working Group (, and industry association made up of scientists, cannabis researchers, lab owners, and other prominent individuals in the legal marijuana Continue reading

Why “Probably” Really Matters

probablyChuck Rosenberg, the new Drug Enforcement Administration chief, has finally made it clear: Marijuana is safer than heroin. He told reporters at the administration’s headquarters that “heroin is clearly more dangerous than marijuana,” clarifying a less definitive statement he made earlier when he said marijuana is “probably not” as dangerous as heroin. Continue reading

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Now Includes “Marijuana Slang”

Marijuana wedding bouquetThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary now has some interesting cannabis-related words!

Take the word Budtender, meaning a shop clerk who provides bartender-like guidance about different strains of pot as well as providing the pot itself, looks like it’s on such a trajectory. The word is from bud (in its slang use meaning “marijuana”) and the -tender part of the word bartender. The verb budtend (to work as a “budtender”) is also in use. Continue reading

Tesla Could Help Shine a Light on the Marijuana Industry

SpectroscopyA recent article in Indefinitely Wild reported on how Tesla Batteries will benefit the marijuana industry; growers in specific.

Just unveiled, the Tesla Battery gives home owners and businesses an easy, slick, affordable way to store electricity at home. The 10kWh battery costs just $3,500 and can be “stacked” in sets of up to nine units. Larger capacity batteries of infinitely-scaleable capacity will be available to large businesses and governments. Continue reading