Three Ways the Green Standard Working Group is Moving the Industry Forward

sage analytics marijuana potency testingReliable, consistent marijuana testing has been one of the weak links in the marijuana industry’s efforts to improve public safety and consumer confidence. That was the impetus behind the creation of the Green Standard Working Group.

Composed of cannabis industry leaders (including Sage Analytics Founder, Randall Kruep), the Green Standard Working Group is addressing issues with consistent and reliable marijuana testing. Here are three ways. Continue reading

Discover The Luminary Profiler – Great For Everyone in the Cannabis Eco-Sphere

SAGE-final-logoWhat is the one thing that marijuana growers, laboratories, MIP producers, dispensary operators, and government officials all have in common? A shared frustration with the current process of cannabis testing.

Sage Analytics is eager to unite them on a different front by providing them with a solution to this problem. Our highly accurate potency measurement system, the Luminary™ Profiler, improves the accessibility, quality and reliability of marijuana testing and benefits virtually everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere. Continue reading