Is CBD Non-Psychoactive?

Understanding how cannabidiol (CBD) exerts its myriad effects on human physiology is a work in progress. Thus far, scientists have identified more than 60 different molecular pathways through which CBD operates. It is known, for example, that CBD acts through multiple receptor-independent channels and it also binds to various receptors in the brain, including serotonin 5HT1A (which contributes to CBD’s antidepressant effect), TRPV1 (which contributes to CBD’s anti-psychotic effect), the nuclear receptor PPAR-gamma (regulates gene expression), and the orphan receptor GPR55, among others.

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#KnowYourSmoke Campaign begins in Earnest…

dtyetyrThe time has come that the cannabis community must rise up and call on all dispensaries and producers to test their cannabis, to profile their product… and to have printed labels on every item sold.  We are starting the #KnowYourSmoke campaign to bring awareness to the masses.  To tweet out your requests for testing, to create a lasting dialog that allows people to talk about the great social and business side effects of knowing your smoke.

Sage will be providing regular updates on a special page here that will provide you… the resources and contacts to change the laws and nudge the dispensaries and manufacturers… to test and label. Stay tuned for new information right here!