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What Counts As ‘Medical Marijuana’ Varies From State To State, And That’s A Problem

Research suggests that marijuana – or more specifially compounds in marjuana – may have potential as a treatment for epilepsy and chronic pain, among other conditions. However, more research is needed to fully understand any potential health benefits from the substance.

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Four Reasons Why We Need Quality & Administrative Control In The Cannabis Industry

quality control imageIn order for the cannabis industry to join the ranks of the 21stCentury consumer marketplace, quality control that establishes consistency and accuracy in analyzing cannabis is key. Here are four reasons why.

1. For the safety and satisfaction of the consumer: Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly how potent their cannabis is when they purchase it. Getting the dosage and ratios of THC to CBD just right is important for medical marijuana patients in particular who are Continue reading

Sage Analytics Completes Final Round of Data Validation and Readies for Product Launch

KDVR FOX NEWS DENVER REPORT LOGOSage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced today the completion of their data collection and final application modeling of a highly anticipated, advanced cannabis potency testing system.

The Luminary™ Profiler and the Luminary™ Beacon incorporate Sage Analytics’ proprietary predictive models, which were developed in conjunction with premier laboratories as well as the university that is Continue reading

Five Of The Most Creative Uses Of Light

light paintingSage Analytics’ Luminary Profiler is a light-based technology that uses spectroscopy to measure the potency of cannabis products in real time. We’ve seen the power of light firsthand, and the ways it can revolutionize an industry. Here are five other creative uses of light that we would like to share!

1. Indoor Farming:  Local Roots Farms, a start-up based in Washington D.C., is using Continue reading

Discover A Brand New Product That Is Revolutionizing The Marijuana Industry

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

SAGE Luminary™ Profiler

The marijuana industry is growing so fast it will soon outpace the growth of smartphones. By 2020, it could generate more revenue than the NFL. To facilitate the growing demands of this booming industry, Sage Analytics has developed a revolutionary new product that will simplify the way the marijuana industry is operating today. Continue reading